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Togo: «One student, one computer», is it a bluff?

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When announcing a few months ago his ambitious project to equip every Togolese student with a laptop computer, few of his fellow countrymen believed it. And nevertheless on Friday, 13th February 2015, Komi Avodeh, the chairman of the Organization for the Support of the Local Development (OADèB) kept his promises by delivering computer equipment to the first beneficiaries of the project « One student, one computer« .

The acquisition of the new information and communication technologies (ICTS) by the students has become a necessity in Africa with the introduction of the Licence-Master-Doctorate (LMD) universities System. We should note that the IT tool remains a luxury for the majority of the Togolese students.

According to the figures published by the carrier of the project, less than 2 % of the Togolese students of the public universities have a personal computer.

The One student, one computer project has the merit to propose to the students of the public universities of Togo a flexible offer that takes into account their purchasing power. The new computers bought at 250,000 FCFA the unit, will be sold back to the students at 100,000 FCFA.

Conscious of the fact that several students do not have this amount, the OADèB proposes a model of flexible payment.

Indeed, the computers are offered to the learners who will pay the minimum amount of two thousand francs (2000Fper week or less than 300F daily).

Eligibility Conditions to be a part of the beneficiaries · Be a Togolese student and regularly registered in the LMD system. · Open a Flooz account and add to it a material evidence as a guarantee deposit for 100,000FCFA according to one of the following possibilities: 1. An account in the partner bank of the project with a minimum deposit of 100,000 FCFA by the security. 2. A deposit of 100,000 FCFA on the dedicated account of the project in the bank partner by the security. 3. A minimum deposit of 100,000 FCFA on the OADeB commercial Flooz account by the security. · The guarantee of 100,000 FCFA will be fully returned to the student when the latter will end up paying off 100,000FCFA at the end of 50 weeks (duration of the contract). · Beforehand, the student and his security will duly have to fill in a form and un contract conceived by the project, that commit both of them.

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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