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Togo: Toofan group in the digital era

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The Togolese Toofan group has just launched their official site, The news was published on the official page of the Togolese group that has been on the roll since its creation in 2005.

The new portal of the group brings them much more closer to their fans. Henceforth, the hot supporters of the Gweta can know more about the promoters of new dance that seduces all the African continent.

The Web site is filled with biography, discography, photo gallery as well as news related to the Toofan group. Very dynamic, the new portal relays in real time the activities of the « Sons of wind » on the social networks (particularly Facebook).

The users of the site have the possibility of getting in touch with the artists via their Instagram accounts. The Toofan group brought out for the year 2015 « OVERDOSE » their fourth album made of 17 songs.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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