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Uhuru classic: the Ghanaian Smartphone that seduces

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The Ghanaian RLG company proceeded a few weeks ago to the presentation of Uhuru Classic, a new generation Smartphone made by the aforementioned company. The hone compatible with Google and Android applications 4.2.1, is sold at 200 dollars, a competitive price on Smartphones market in Africa.

Uhuru phones are equipped with protection against the execution of unknown codes and physical attacks, integrity control, dynamic protection for sensitive resources and a control of applications. They also allow localization via GPS (Global Positioning Systems). However in order to avoid being traced up, they can also send « false address data » to confuse the track.

In order to incite Ghanaian users to the purchase, Uhuru, the RLG Company gracefully offers to the first customers, the possibility of engraving their names at the back of the Smartphones they will order.

Here are Uhuru classic technical specifications:
Operating system: Android 4.2.1
Screen: 4.7 inches HD
Cameras: 2 MP front and 8 MP back
Internal storage: 10.4GB
RAM: 1 Go
Battery: 1.800 maAh
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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