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West Africa: ECOWAS and its 40 years!!!

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The Economic Community of West African States celebrates its 40 years of existence.

The sub-regional organization was created on 28th May 1975 with the signature of the treaty of Lagos that aims at promoting cooperation between countries of West Africa.

At the time of its creation, the member countries of the organization aimed at improving the standard of living of their population and assuring a stable economy.

One of the goals was also to consolidate relations between member states and contribute to the development of the African continent.

The communications director for the ECOWAS, Haruna Warkani considers that the organization has succeeded in staying united.

« The most important achievement until now is that the ECOWAS managed to keep its unity in spite of several challenges of these 40 years« , he said.

He also underlined the implementation of free movement thanks to the single passport.

Nevertheless, some critics say that there is still long way to go on this question.
« People continue to complain about harassments when they travel within the region« , explained Dr. Remi Oyewumi, expert in international relations.

« For example, if you travel from Lagos to Ghana, there are many check points on the road and all these gendarmes who harass people; I have experienced it myself. »

For its 40 years of existence, the ECOWAS still has difficulty in implementing the ideals planned by its founding fathers. The project of single currency was mainly given up.


Original text by: BBC Africa

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