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Women’s day: wink at Maureen Ayité, promoter of Nana Wax

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Maureen Ayité is a model of success whose career path can inspire many young Africans. Student in France (in 2008), Maureen Ayité regularly published in his Facebook group (I like my local loincloth) that she created, her passion for dresses made in African fabrics.

What was, at first, a pastime, became, on the request of the fans, a real business. After her Bachelor’s degree in language followed by a training course in deaf and dumb language in Switzerland, she tried to escapes her fate in vain.

« I postponed my internship with the hope of taking advantage from this time to negotiated a private sale and see what it could bring. More than three hundred people registered for this sale whereas there were not articles enough« , she explained.

Back to the native Benin, she created her first fashion shop where she proposes products of her Girl Wax brand.

Maureen Ayité uses fabrics from Benin, South Africa and India. Her target at first was the young people from 15 to 30 years old but today, she dresses all generations.

« When I began at that time, I had no many choices of products as such. A customer who came to buy a dress from me wanted shoes my neighbor was selling. Today, Girl Wax proposes clothes, accessories, shoes for women and also for men and children. I wish people got dressed by Girl Wax from head to toes« , she explained on Le Monde newspaper site.

With a turnover estimated at 150 000 euros, the young Beninese lady intends to open other shops in Togo, Congo and Mayotte during the year 2015.

For the moment, the wholesale to on-line sale sites and shops as well as private sales worldwide are Maureen Ayité’s sale techniques.

On this 8th March, she organized a Girl Wax private meeting in Abidjan. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewels, articles for baby and other accessories will be proposed to the public of Abidjan.


Original text by:Roger ADZAFO

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