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Yassine Morabit: the new icon of the Moroccan Streetwear

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He has the look of a « bad boy » and often compared to the American actor, Johnny Depp.

Born on 31st May 1986 in Casablanca, Yassine Morabite is a young Moroccan fascinated by art and fashion universe since his early childhood.

Endowed with a majestic talent for painting, he began painting from his youngest age, juggling between studies and work. He painted boards, portraits, tattoos, but his tastes were always turned towards fashion.

He wanted to emerge in this domain. Then, he got the idea to paint on T-shirts. He tried it with his close relations and the latter encouraged him to market his idea.

This was the way that in 2010, he decided to create his own clothing line, « By Nbel« . And since then, he has been successful with the young people.

Very recently, he aunched a new brand called « Zaz Louz« , in association with Max and Jan, for a capsule collection of mixed T-shirts.

Yassine Morabite has an unbridled imagination. New fashion icon, he is likes taking risks by proposing daring, extraordinary original creations, sometimes amazing, even impertinent, terrible sometimes but always prodigious.

Today, his style is asserted and his works brilliantly mix traditional painting and modernity, with cultural and ethnic influences.

The least we can say is that Yassine Morabite has become famous. Real source of inspiration, his creations are imperative in the universe of the Moroccan « streetwear« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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