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The edition 2014 of Kora Awards will no more take place on 14th December as announced. The steering committee of the prestigious evening that rewards the best artists of the continent expresses its solidarity towards the countries affected by the Ebola virus disease (Sierra-Léone, Cape Verde, Guinea).

In a communiqué published on its official site, the Kora steering committee indicated its concern in front of the spreading of Ebola virus. « Although everything is ready for the holding of the ceremony, we are obliged to postpone it to a later date considering the various reports from the WHO (World Health Organization) mentioning the ceaselessly increasing of the number of victims« , indicated the communiqué.

South Africa that should host the event had already announced the closure of its borders to people coming from countries affected by the disease. This decision does not favor the Kora steering committee that finds necessary to « personally » hand over prizes to prize-winners.

« Consequently, as organizers of an event that must breathe a Pan-Africanism collective mind, the celebration of our identity and African heritage, it would be badly considered by our populations that we commit the Continent in a festival while several hundred of people die every week and soon every days according to the forecasts from the International Organization. For us, it is above all, a question of morality and sense of responsibility« , specified the communiqué.

Apart from Kora Awards, several international meetings planned on the African continent are postponed because of Ebola virus. Burkina Faso recently announced the cancellation of the Cycle Race of Faso. This decision from the authorities of Burkina Faso casts doubt on the holding of Fespaco 2015.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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