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Isabelle Sambou: in the women wrestling pantheon

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Isabelle Sambou is appointed by the World Wrestling Union as the « African women Wrestler of the decade« . The Senegalese champion is honored for a decade of unshared reign in the discipline in Senegal as well as on the Continent.

The titles gleaned by Isabelle Sambou these recent years do no more matter. The Senegalese wrestler was just appointed last Tuesday, 17th February by the World Wrestling Union (WWU) as the African woman wrestler of the decade.

She will officially receive her distinction on the coming 21st February during an honorary ceremony organized in Casamance.

Isabelle Sambou is the best African woman of these recent ten years in the domain of wrestling.

World champion of the Beach Wrestling having ended several times at the foot of the podium, she is also holder of eight (8) champion titles of Africa, 5th at the London Olympic Games in 2012 and she has been at the top of the Senegalese wrestling for a decade.

It is then rightly that the WWU awards this title to her. As seven (7) other champions worldwide, the Senegalese champion benefits for this fact, from a program called « Super 8« .


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