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Cameroon: the first Cardiopads available soon!

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According to the daily paper, Camer24, the first 100 cardiopads will be soon available. This news would have come from Arthur Zang, designer of the tablet during the conference « Youth as solution » in Douala.

Cameroon counts about thirty cardiologists for 20 Million inhabitants. The situation in rural zones is rather more worrying because these specialists do usually go there and prefer establishing themselves in metropolises.

In the rare hospitals equipped with a cardiology department, lines are endless and there is never adequate material for the diagnosis.

Consequence: thousands of Cameroonians die every year from cardiovascular accidents or from any other disease connected to the heart for lack of care. It is in front this reality that Arthur Zang, engineer in Computing and graduate of the polytechnic graduate school of Yaoundé decided to act by creating the cardiopad.

The working of the cardiopad is simple: it makes pass the cardiac frequencies of the patient [got by a terminal specially conceived] towards servers where they are kept and processed before transferred to the cardiologist via GSM network. The specialist also has a Cardiopad on which he receives the results, interprets them and prescribes a medicine.

Thanks to the 27 million FCFA won as prize-winner of the « Rolex Awards for Enterprises » and the support from the Cameroonian government, Arthur Zang was able to undertake the manufacturing process of the cardiopad.

It will be soon available at approximately $4000 (2 million FCFA). At this price, buyers will benefit from a cardiopad tablet, electrodes and all the necessary accessories to make examinations, diagnoses and remote data transmissions.


Original text by: Afriqueitnews

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