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Casablanca: the 2nd African city at a high growth potential

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The supplier of the payment solutions, MasterCard just published by the report on the African Cities Growth Index 2014 (ACGI). Casablanca is the second city of the highest potential growth in Africa.

The economic capital town of Morocco thus occupies this position after the Ghanaian capital town with a perspective of « average-high » development.

Launched in 2013, the ACGI index bases on a set of indicators turned to profit in order to classify cities according to their level of urbanization and the projected potential of their development and their including growth.

Indeed, this classification bases itself on the growth measure of the GDP per capita, the evolution of the expenses of households’ consumption, the socio-political stability, the governmental efficiency, the fight against corruption and regulation.

« It is about including growth when the profits from the development of an economy are widely shared with the population », explained Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, co-author of the report and chief economist of the MasterCard Centre for the including growth.

« The including urbanization represents a pre-requisite in the including growth and from this point of view, ACGI index is as a magnifying glass through which African cities can be estimated as future destinations of investment », esteemed the latter.

The classification of African cities suggests of « supplying important decision-making tools to MasterCard but also to its customers and to the investors community », explained the chairman of this group for the Led region, Michael Miebach.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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