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«Congo, really a tribe»: the first digital book of Kinshasa

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Photo Marcel Yabili 2014_0

It is wonderful! The very first digital book was published last Friday under the title « Vraiment le Congo, une tribu » (Congo, Really a tribe), reported Africahotnews.

Entirely produced and realized in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Marcel Yabili (photo) tells the story of his country in the book.

Composed of 104 pages, the work is punctuated with anecdotes told in three main languages spoken in the country (French, Swahili and Lingala).

This first digital book was published at first in paper before being converted in EPUB and MOBI file, compatible with the electronic book formats.

This book is sold on the Internet at approximately 3,50 euros (3,80 dollars), while the paper version is sold around 9 euros (9,77 dollars).

Even if the price of the electronic version is attractive, it is not obvious that the work will find enough on-line buyers. Because on-line purchase requires a credit card that very few people have.

The author himself also recognizes it: « It is often said that the Congolese do not like reading« . But Marcel Yabili is optimistic, thus he counts on the digital format to reconcile his fellow countrymen through reading, he said.

« Vraiment Congo, une tribu » is also available in digital version audio CD and in memory card for telephone, tablet and laptop computer use.

The first digital book of DRC is available on the site of some online shops.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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