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DRC: Google establishing in Kinshasa

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The American giant, Google, announced the next establishment of its antenna in Kinshasa.

The news was given by Tidjane Deme, in charge of the African French-speaking office for Google during an audience granted to him by Thomas Luhaka, deputy Prime Minister and Congolese minister of the Post offices, Telecommunications, New information and communication technologies of the DRC.

For Tidjane Deme, the challenge for Google is to succeed in establishing Google antennas in all African capitals.

This operation begins with the capital of the DRC, Kinshasa where the establishment of Google is imminent. Once established on the Congolese land, Google will supply a high-speed connection.

The company has for objective to offer the best opportunities to support the DRC in its economic emergence, considers «« .

Created in 1998 by Larry Page and Serge Brin, Google is an American company that has a strong international fame thanks to its search engine which bears the same name: Google.

Since a few years, it has widened its market worldwide and managed to diversify its products: google Apps, Google books, Google Chrome browser and the social network, Googles +.

With a turnover of 18,1 billion USD, representing more than 15 % of increase, the quarterly index of Google published are rather good. According to the American financial analysts, the turnover of Google should reach 18,4 billion USD.


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