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Dakar: inauguration of the village of Francophony

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The Village of Francophony was inaugurated on 24th November 2014 by the Senegalese Prime Minister, Mohamed Ben Abdallah Dionne, and the Administrator of the International Organization of Francophony, Clément Duhaime. A meeting area that constitutes, throughout the week, the heart of the 15th Summit of Francophony.

Situated within the National Big Theater of Dakar, the Village welcomes the stands of the member countries of Francophony, those of the French-speaking institutions and partner companies. Cultural events are also in the program: traditional music, projections of movies, theater, hip-hop dance competition…

The International Organization of Francophony is mobilized to present its actions in favor of young people, women and of the civil society. It will assess the situation of the French language in the world as well as within the Olympic movement, and will present a new multimedia plan for sensitization of French in Africa, « The broken Talisman ».

A privileged event will be organized on 28th November in the Room of the Big Theater in order to put in the spotlight the French-speaking artistic creation with: the Awards Ceremony for the 13th Prize of the five continents, followed by a fashion show – Edition Limitée and Magic system group in concert.

Throughout the week, within the Pavilion the Francophony, school community can discover the activities of Reading and Cultural Activities Center (SNAP) whereas the seniors are invited at the Francophony digital space where interactive activities are proposed in connection with the theme of the village of Francophony: « Digital technology in the service of development and cultural diversity« .


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