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Senegal: «A Single Word» competing in Spain

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The successful documentary « A Single Word » by the sisters Mariama and Khady Sylla, represents Senegal one more time at the international level. The movie is in official competition at the Luxor International Film Festival (Egypt) held from 16th to 21st March 2014.

« A Single Word » is also expected at the African Film Festival of Córdoba (Spain from 21st to 28th March).

Before these two new programmings, the movie already won in 2014, « Diversity Award » at the Women’s International Film and Television Showcase (WIFTS) of Hollywood (Los Angeles).

As a reminder, the Prize rewards women who have become famous in the field of cinema and television for their creativity, originality and fighting spirit.

Mariama Sylla, the sister of the deceased Khady Sylla, was at the Créteil International Women’s Film Festival (Paris, France, 13th to 22nd March) where she presented a master class and met professionals of cinema coming from all the continents.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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