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DR of Congo: oil and gas to attract foreign investors

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The works of the 3rd edition of the « Oil and Gas » Forum are opened on Wednesday in Kinshasa by the Minister of Hydrocarbons Crispin Atama.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Atama presented the oil and gas potential of the DR of Congo through its three sedentary ponds for sure oil interest, among which the coastal pond, the central Basin and the Graben of Tanganyika.

According to the latter, « only the coastal pond is productive with an average of 25.000 barrels / day« .

The two other ponds are being operated.

The director of the IPAD Conference (African Partnership Infrastructures for Development), Mrs. Nicole Lauren Smith, reminded that it was since 2005 that this conference has become an event for the DR of Congo, that had to make known the country worldwide, particularly its multiple opportunities of investments.

« The forum of Kinshasa is a framework for a complete overview of possibilities of exporting the sedimentary ponds of the DR Congo and allows stimulating business climate in the oil industry« , underlined Mrs. Smith.

She indicated that the vision of the IPAD is to attract investors so that the resources of the subsoil of the DR of Congo contribute to its growth.

An exhibition also marked this meeting during which the officials of the DR of Congo will have to discover products and services offered to the DR of Congo through stands set up by partners of the Gas and oil sector at the Memling Hotel of Kinshasa.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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