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ECOWAS: towards the establishment of a film week

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Clap Ivoire and Fespaco are the rare film meetings that value African productions on the international level. During the 14th edition of Clap Ivoire, the managers of cinema from the ECOWAS (Community of the West African States) expressed the desire to establish a film week.

The film week will soon be the major meeting of the West-African cinema. According to the promoters of the initiative, the event will be rotary between the various member countries.

As Africa Top Success reported it to you earlier, the coproduction is one of the solutions for development of the African cinema. The manager of cinema in Senegal, Hugues Diaz also evoked this during an interview granted to APS.

« At the end of a round table which gathering distributors and professionals, we asked from the West-African Ministers of Culture to facilitate the signature the film coproduction bilateral agreements between departments of cinema before the end of the first half of the year 2015« , he indicated.

The Senegalese also evoked the necessity of reorganizing the cinema sector in West Africa. He proposed among others, the establishment of a sub-regional professional ID card. « We also raised the urgency of defining a regulatory framework for the exercise of film and videographic activities and the necessity of establishing an ID card for the professional of cinema« , he specified.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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