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Ending up with begging: pilgrimage to Mecca for handicapped persons in Senegal

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The phenomenon of begging is recurrent in the country of Macky Sall, Senegal; Beggars of any sex and age as earth-worms at all street corners.

Usually, they are handicapped persons, old leper, old ladies and poor children who devote themselves to this practice that has become in the course of years, a « profession » for some.

In front of this sad reality, an ambitious project is born. It is about the matter of offering to handicapped persons, pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam in order to contribute to their « physical and moral healing« .

The project is carried out by the National Association of persons living with a handicap.

The interest of this project is very saving and will allow in the handicapped persons to perform one of the pillars of Islam.

« This journey will allow the handicapped persons to receive the zakat from the Saudi authorities in order come out of begging« , explained the initiators.

According to the structure, the handicapped persons have to enjoy their rights for the pilgrimage into Mecca as any Moslem.

« Aware that certain handicapped persons have no means to perform the pilgrimage, the association will be in charge of the pilgrims for duration of four years« , added a communiqué from the structure.

For the classic pilgrimage, it is the Air Senegal airline company that is chosen to assure the transport of 10.500 Senegalese pilgrims, announced on Friday in Dakar, the general commissioner for pilgrimage, El Hadji Amadou Tidiane Dia.

Mankeur Ndiaye, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Senegalese living abroad, reassured for his part that « Senegal took all sanitary and security measures in order to protect his pilgrims at the holy places of Islam against the Ebola virus and the Corona virus« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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