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FESCARHY 2014: ending up with «a life of pencil… a life of humor»!

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fescarhy1Cameroonian caricaturist, Ezzat El Dine

fescarhy2Humorist Me Mystero

The 15th edition of the international festival of caricature and humor of Yaoundé (FESCARHY) held in the Cameroonian capital town from 2nd to 7th July came to an end on Sunday in the Bois St Anastasie. Centred on the theme « a life of pencil…a life of humor« , the cultural meeting had a rich and diversified program. FESCARHY 2014 had for agenda, exhibitions varnishing and free style drawing sessions.

The organizers of the FESCARHY 2014 decided this year to pay a particular tribute to the Cameroonian international caricaturist Ezzat El Dine and to the humorist Me Mystero.

The Director of the newspaper « Le satir’hic » Ezzat El Dine showed his ability in the press of Burkina Faso (Journal du midi) beside the Burkina-French, Damien Glez. After eleven years of experience in Burkina Faso, he returned to Cameroon in 2002 to launch his newspaper.

Illustrator, painter, musician, journalist, computer graphic designer, the man is excellently into everything. « I might say that seeing well, holding a pencil, to using a computer mouse, writing for the press or managing a newspaper, the difference is clear at once. Well, today I am 50 years old, just to tell you that I had time to harmonize all this and I rather well manage my way out », he explained.

The humorist, Me Mystero who dedicated on Friday his last casket, returned on the management of his multiple caps (artist, educational inspector and also high schools teacher). « We should say that it is exactly the difficulty that it was necessary to manage from the beginning; because I entered teacher’s career being already a comedian; then when I arrived in room, pupils knew that « our teacher is Mr. So-and-so ». It was then necessary to make very quickly the difference between the comedian and the teacher that I am in front of them. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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