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Five Continents Prize: the Algerian Kamel Daoud winner!

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The Algerian writer and journalist, Kamel Daoud is the winner of the edition 2014 of the Five Continents Prize. This was the decision of the jury chaired by the Nobel Prize of literature, Jean-Marie Gustave Clézio on 26th September 2014 in Paris at the head office of the International Organization of the Francophonie. The novel « Meursault, The Counter-Inquiry » (Barzakh Editions in 2013) by the Algerian author sends readers back to the post-colonial realities.

The novel « Meursault, The Counter-Inquiry » by the writer, Kamel Daoud will unmistakably mark the African literature As « The Stranger » by Albert Camus that strongly inspired the author. Prize-winner of the François Mauriac Literature Prize 2014, the work just made its author win the famous of the Five Continents Prize. According to the official site of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), the prize-winner will be honored on 28th November during the 15th OIF Summit that will be held in Dakar (Senegal).

For the Nobel Prize of Literature Jean-Marie Gustave Clézio, « Meursault, Meursault, TheCounter-Inquiry » is « a novel that questions our historic blindness still topical and raises the question of justice and consideration of otherness once colonial terror calmed down« .

Born on 17th June 1970, Kamel Daoud was a journalist then an editor-in-chief for « Quotidien d’ Oran » newspaper. Reputed for his freedom of writing, he is often obliged to share some of his opinions on social networks (Facebook particularly). On 14th November 2011, Kamel Daoud was nominated for the Wepler-Fondation La Poste Prize that finally went to Éric Laurrent.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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