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Flora Coquerel: Miss France 2014 is French-Beninese … « I’ll remain it for my life!”

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She is 19 years old and was crowned Miss France 2014 in the Saturday night in Dijon.

« I am proud to represent a cosmopolitan France (…) this is also what distinguished me from others. My mixing is everything for me, it is my personality. I am French-Beninese and I’ll remain it for my life, so it was important to highlight it. I am very proud of my origins, to represent Orleans, Benin and also France.”

Beautiful Flora Coquerel, measures 1.82 meters. She is also a good head: She is sophomore in international trade and would like to work in the marketing of luxury.

She enjoys dancing and badminton, loves cinema, fashion and travel.

She is very aware of « literacy” and “integration of women into the workplace”.

I like going the world hog » she promises.

Flora says: “I ​​am a shy and reserved woman who is struggling to get ahead. I always doubt on myself. I’m from the middle class. My father runs a small business and my mother is a child minder. In the margins of my studies, I host a summer camp since the age of 16 years. I’ve always worked to make money.

When I was younger, I was remarked for my size. I have always been the tallest of my class. And then I learned to accept myself as I am! « 

A very pretty Miss of whom we are going to hear a lot this year!



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