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Impulse It: Discovery of the hopes of the Afro-Caribbean music

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Impulse It, the music competition sponsored by the Pan-African presenter, Claudy Siar, enters its decisive phase with the vote for the nominees. For the moment, the female candidate from Guadeloupe, K-NEL KETSIA is ahead with 3940 votes of the votes registered.

On her official site, the artist K-NEL KETSIA is described as author, composer-songwriter, singer (lead / choirs) and pianist, of Guadeloupian origin. Coming from a family of musicians, she has grown up in an environment of Caribbean Jazz, R&B, Funk, Reggae, Bossa nova, Zouk.

Africa Top Success vous propose le Top 5 des candidats en lice

K-NEL KETSIA in on good way to be among of the finalists of the Impulse It competition.

The ten best candidates will show their skills in the musical domain during the concert taking place on the coming 31st May in Paris. Every candidate will perform the song of his own directory in front of a connoisseur musical jury composed of Claudy Siar, Tanya St Val, Gage and Pheel Pambou.

According to its promoters, the « Impulse It » competition aims at making known the talented music artists of afro-Caribbean inspiration.

Africa Top Success proposes you the Top 5 of the nominees

K-Nel Ketsia : Guadeloupe
LINKHAN : France
YALYS : France
ORIZY : France

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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