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Jokkolabs: Abidjan and Casablanca joining the network

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Karim Sy, the young boss of Jokkolabs extends his network to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and to Casablanca (Morocco). The Franco-libano-malien established partnership with Technopark of Casablanca and Inova IT company respectively in Morocco and in Ivory Coast. The installation of two new antennas will be effective next November during the World Entrepreneurship Week.

In 2010, Karim Sy launched Jokkolabs, his co-working and action tank space that looks for innovative approches connected to new technologies. Jokkolabs (Give to Him) in Wolof « helps a given community to work in a dedicated space allowing opening and exchange. (…) We join the contributory economy. A little bit idealistic model but that allows to be at the same time in the global and the local« , according to its promoter.

For the young entrepreneur, experiences and good practice sharing could be the mainspring for innovation and social entrepreneurship for a shared prosperity

Karim Sy is proud to have organized in Paris or in New York the famous Mobile Monday during which a community of enthusiasts shared the mobility last trends.

In his center today, he hosts about fifteen start-ups. He financed all at first with stockholders’ equity and putting for 23 000 euros. Karim Sy dreams to make of Dakar the new Mecca of Web!


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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