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Tanoh vs Ecobank : Towards a happy ending of the crisis?

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Thierry Tanoh, CEO d'Ecobank photographié pour Forbes Afrique.

Is the war opposing the Ivorian Thierry Tanoh to his former employer Ecobank group coming to an end? The managing director of the Pan-African group, Albert Essien recognized to have discussed with the opponent party to settle their disputes amicably.

« After he was sentenced (…) to pay more than 35 million dollars of the damages, the bank is trying to find an agreement with Mr. Tanoh this year« , declared the managing director of Ecobank.

This position was confirmed by Thierry Tanoh’s lawyers who recognized to have been joined by the management of the Bank.

The current General Secretary of the presidency of the Republic of Ivory Coast blames his former employer for defamation and unfair dismissal. Ecobank always supported that the jurisdictions referred to were incompetent in this matter.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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