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Nadia Uwamahoro: The Rawandan has demythologized ICTS in Kigali

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At 27 years old, Nadia Uwamahoro is a source of inspiration, a model for African youth. In 2011, the young Rwandan lady, student at that time, had already three companies to her credit (an agency of wedding organization, a restaurant and a start-up, Data Systems., her news site in kinyarwanda (local language of Rwanda), is a real success which attracts big advertisers of Kigali.

Nadia Uwamahoro believes in the development of its country with Information Technologies and Communication (ICTS). CEO of Data Systems Ltd, she is the promoter of GiraICT project. This initiative consists in endowing Rwandan population with computing tools at affordable price.

In partnership with big western suppliers (HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Samsung, Apple and Star Times), Data Systems Ltd essentially sells laptops, desktops, TV screens, tablets, Smartphones, scanners, printers, modems and software.

Beneficiaries of this project are people who have an urgent need to use this equipment in their everyday life and in their companies but do not possess them. Among them teachers, schools, students, security guards, nurses, doctors, employees and SME in creation.

Except computer hardware supply, the company of Nadia Uwamahoro also develops applications to meet the needs of companies (software clientele management, payment). The reputation of Data Systems Ltd, is known beyond borders of Rwanda. The company services are requested in Ghana, in Burundi and in Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC).

The brilliant success of Nadia Uwamahoro’s initiative also faced difficulties.

« At first, my youth raised me problems, it remembered. Customers are not used to having deals with Rwandans and even less with students for this kind of product. But fortunately, everybody is interested in new technologies here« , she indicated.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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