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Nigeria:President Jonathan’s daughter’s wedding that inflames the web!

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This is the news that is making buzz this week on social networks in Africa. Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan has entertained with great ceremony to offer to his daughter Faith Sakwe, a sublime wedding. Fairy’s dress, glittering reception hall, nothing was neglected.

The wedding ceremony of Faith and Godswill Osim Edward was also broadcast live on a Nigerian television. For the daughter of the president of the first economic power of Africa, why not allowing a touch of madness? For the occasion, golden smartphones were offered to guests at the reception.

Faith and Godswill met at the University of Calabar and never left each other. Many of Internet users wished a good household to the young couple even if some people considered the celebration exaggerated.

« We wish you the best!!! But all these presents offered could feed many Somalians »

« Very sublime this dress! I hope it will be at auction later »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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