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OIF: J. C. de l’Estrac recieved by Macky Sall

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Visiting Dakar after his tour in Canada, Jean Claude de l’ Estrac, candidate of Maurice for the Secretary General of La Francophonie, was received on Tuesday, 4th November by Macky Sall, President of Republic of Senegal.

Come to request the support of Senegal, Jean Claude de l’ Estrac detailed his priorities and his 12 proposals for La Francophonie of tomorrow to the Senegalese Head of State. Macky Sall and Jean Claude de l’ Estrac also discussed stakes about the succession to President Abdou Diouf and the new impulse to be given to the organization in the wake of the action by the current Secretary General.

In a declaration on the Senegalese TV and radio broadcasting, the candidate of the Republic of Maurice expressed his « satisfaction » and evoked « a wide concurrence of opinion with President Macky Sall on the future stakes for La Francophonie« .

During his stay in Dakar, Jean Claude de l’ Estrac visited the Slaves House on Gorée Island, the symbolic place for the memory of slavery, where he mainly meditated at the door of No Return.

The Mauritian candidate was also the guest for « A changing society » (Un monde en mutation) program broadcasted on the Senegalese public channel as well as on BBC Africa channels.

Jean Claude de l’ Estrac wished to personally speak to the Senegalese Head of State after his swap of August with the Prime Minister, Mahammed Dionne, and to the personal representative of the Senegalese President with the OIF, Mrs. Penda Mbow, indicated a communiqué from the communication department of the Mauritian candidate.


Original textby: Roger ADZAFO

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