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Patrice Lumumba: a hero for Africa according to Martin Kobler

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« Lumumba was also a hero for Africa. He is an inspirer for the Congolese and all the Africans« . These words are of Martin Kobler, head of mission of the United Nations Organization in Democratic Republic of Congo (Monusco).

Mr. Kobler made this statement on Thursday, 3rd July, outside the remembrance of the 54th independence anniversary of the DR of Congo, while inviting the Congolese to be proud of the independence and the sovereignty of their country.

« Patrice Lumumba had a great inspiration. He had a rather short life but hewas an inspiration for the continent and his messages are still very topical. He advocated the judicial independence of the State institutions and the social justice that are current values in DR of Congo« , underlined the special representative of the UN Secretary-General in DR of Congo.

For the head of the Monusco, Lumumba was not only a Congolese but also an internationalist who had personally fought for the unity and the development of Africa.

In order to honor the memory of the illustrious man, Martin Kobler laid a spray of flowers in front of his stele, set up at the interchange square in the municipality of Limete, in Kinshasa.

Born on 2nd July 1925 in Onalua (Belgian Congo), Patrice Émery Lumumba died murdered on 17th January 1961 in Katanga. He was the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo from June to September 1960. He was with Joseph Kasa-Vubu, one of the main icons of the independence of the Belgian Congo. He is considered in Congo as the first « National Hero« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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