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RAM: fasten your seat belts, embarking on 15th!

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RAMAs from next 15th September, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) will proceed to the opening of four (4) new cargo lines for four (4) sub-Saharan African countries.
They are among others, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.
In a communiqué from the RAM, « the opening of these four new lines will widen the RAM Cargo network towards the sub-Saharan Africa and this according to the policy of the company aiming at strengthening its anchoring on the continent ».
The managing staff of the airline company underlined that « these new lines offer a stable weekly capacity of 15 tons (on every flight) operated by an aircraft type Boeing 737-300 ».
« Besides the transport of passengers that is its main activity, the RAM is a major leader in air cargo. By carrying goods via its planes, the company is putting an important tool at the service of the economic operators for the promotion of trade between Morocco and other countries of the world », indicated the communiqué from the RAM.
Concentrated up to now on Europe, the activity of this cargo aircraft of the RAM should increase with these new destinations of about 8.000 tons per year or an increase at 60 %.
So, the air cargo carried by the company thanks to mixed flights (passengers and goods) should progress at 15 % to reach 23.000 tons.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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