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Senegal: the writings of Mariama Bâ resuscitated by Alpha Amadou Sy

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mariama-ba33 years after her death, the works of the Senegalese academic, Mariama Bâ continue to influence the world of writing. The communications presented by Mariama Bâ were collected in a book that has just been published in La Brousse editions.
The foreword of the book was carefully written by the Prof. of philosophy Alpha Amadou Sy. « The time of an afternoon, the theater of the Quai des Arts (26th April 2013) offered a privileged moment of enjoyment which gave the feeling that muses, coming from nowhere, succeeded in appropriating this mythical culture space », we could read.
Mariama Bâ is an author of several books, the most famous of which is « So Long a Letter ». The academic attacks troubles that ruin her immediate environment. She evokes among others in her books, polygamy, castes and exploitations of women.
Remarried repeatedly, Mariama Bâ knows better that whoever the topics she evokes in her writings. Her articles are published in several local newspapers. In 1980, she obtains the Noma Prize during the Book Fair of Frankfurt.
Selected works:
– So Long a Letter (1979);
– Raison d’Etats la France et l’apartheid ;
– Le feu aux lacs ;
– The Political Function of African Written Literatures (1981)
– Scarlet Song (1981).

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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