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Shooting at « Charlie Hebdo »: Thomas Ngijol’s message

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The editorial staff of the French satirical weekly paper, Charlie Hebdo, was assaulted some hours ago by three unknown individuals heavily armed, killing at least 12 people and making several wounded persons. The manager of the magazine, Charb, three of his employees and policemen lost their life in this bloody attack.

Charb à Paris le 19 septembre 2012. - REVELLI-BEAUMONT/SIPA

Charb in Paris on 19th September 2012. – REVELLI-BEAUMONT/SIPA


As these thousand Internet users who express their support to the French people in mourning, the actor, Thomas Ngijol, also published on his Twitter account, a photo with the message « I am Charlie« . The Frenchman of Cameroonian origin, who is back from the Theater Dejazet, was elected the African actor of the year by the readers of the Pan-African site, Africa Top Success.

Political personalities among whom the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the current one, François Hollande, unanimously condemned this extremely barbarous attack. The Head of State would evoke again the topic during a speech awaited at 8 pm yesterday.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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