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South-South partnership: pillar of development in Africa

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The South-South partnership is the pillar of development expected in Africa, asserted on Wednesday in Marrakesh, expert economists who participate in the 9th edition of the African Development Forum.

The classic partnership types between the North and the South were ruled by the law of the strongest and were not beneficial for both parties, indicated the experts gathered in Marrakesh, during an ordinary session on « the new partnership types« .

By signing the mentioned « partnership agreements« , African countries officialized their dependence on countries of the North and legitimized their political and economic colonization according to the manager of African Institute for Economic Development and Planning, Adebayo Olukoshi.

In this respect, he called on African leaders, particularly young people, to release themselves from inferiority complex that always characterizes the relation between leaders of the South and their counterparts of the North, considering that the development of the African continent is the corollary of African countries integration.

African countries must stop blaming others and show courage, underlined for his part, the executive director of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS), Niosana Moyo.

« By being less cooperative, these countries missed magnificent opportunities of interAfrican development« , he regretted, calling governments of the continent to forge ahead to establish the pillars of regional complementarity, knowing that we cannot talk about the future of Africa without the partnership between its countries.

For his part, Symerre Grey Johnson, leader of the division for partnerships and resources mobilization in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), raised the existence of opportunities for intelligent partnerships in Africa, showing a schedule elaborated to allow the continent to face its challenges.

« NEPAD placed priorities of a new partnership namely the preparation of convenient conditions for the realization of sustainable development by peace and safety, democracy and good political and economic governance, regional cooperation and increase of investments in real economy sectors, while considering the environmental dimension« , he specified.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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