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Kenya: the president calls the United States to be more interested in Africa

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Last Wednesday, the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, called on the American companies to invest in Africa, the second world region in a fast growth.

As he could not physically be on the spot, Mr. Kenyatta expressed himself through video at the Milken World Conference in California and declared that Africa possesses considerable opportunities for business and investments.

« We should remember that Africa is a melting-pot countries and people that respects its commitments. Luckily, this conference is a wonderful opportunity to replace the old and darker opinions by a more exact image« , underlined Mr. Kenyatta.

He explained that young people and cities are often top innovations and growth indicating that Africa will soon count one billion African young people of working age and more than 100 cities of at least one million inhabitants each.

The president indicated that Africa adopted technologies that allowed overcoming more easily old obstacles adding that there are not as enough mobile phones users in Africa as in the United States.

With a better economic management of Africa and a ranking of the economic and political risks according to the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Mr. Kenyatta declared that the importance of the economic and political stability cannot be underestimated. He added that reforms in various countries of the continent revived the African solidarity.

« We are convinced again that if we are unite, we can solve our problems and gain prosperity and freedom we deserve« , he declared.

The conference gathered eminent leaders and entrepreneurs. The Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, was among the speakers.

The president added that Kenya is ready to make partnerships in the domains of information and communications technologies, agriculture, energy, financial services and industry.

According to the Kenyan president, « There is potential for partnerships in energy mainly because Kenya possesses maybe the half of the geothermal energy potential of Africa« .


Original text by:Journal du Cameroun

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