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Morocco: King Mohammed VI congratulates the new president of Nigeria

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King Mohammed VI sent a message of wishes and congratulations to the new elected president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, for his election to the highest office of his country.

In this message, the Sovereign expresses his warm congratulations and best success wishes to the new president of Nigeria in his high functions serving the brother Nigerian people.

Considering the African brotherhood links that unite the Moroccan and Nigerian peoples, the Sovereign seizes this opportunity « to announce the determination of the Kingdom of Morocco to breathe a new dynamics into its cooperation relations with Nigeria, in the full respect of the national constants of both countries and to overcome the disputes and misunderstandings that marked the previous stage and that henceforth belong to the past, in the line of the emergence of a new Africa, where people aspire more than ever to achieve global development in peace and stability« .

The candidate of the opposition, Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential election of Saturday and Sunday in Nigeria with 15.4 million votes against 13.3 million for the outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan.

According to the Independent national electoral commission, Buhari, from the « All Progressives Congress » party collected 15.424. 921 votes or 53.9 % of the valid votes.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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