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Tina Lobondi: the Congolese stylist in humanitarian mode

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Tina Lobondi is a Congolese fashion designer living in London. Specialized in women high range ready-to-wear, she participated for the second consecutive season in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa in South Africa a few days ago.

This international meeting for stylist designers of the continent was successful for the Congolese who seized the opportunity to start a social action in favor of DR of Congo, her country of origin.

Tina Lobondi is the initiator of « Esimbi », a campaign for fund raising in favor of her country. In an interview granted to Radio Okapi, she came back on the creation of the project.

« When granting interviews in South Africa, I got many questions on Congo and on my projects (…). With all that is happening in Congo, I just wanted to create something positive. Esimbi is a new sensitization campaign by fashion in order to raise funds for charity that we shall select every four months« , declared the stylist who planned to invest more in her country.

Tina Lobondi has made career in fashion for 7 years. She is designer of the eponym label that has got a real success. The works of the Congolese are already published in several magazines as Marie-Claire and ELLE Magazine.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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