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Togo: Beginning of Alimenterre Film Festival on 15th October

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Togo will welcome from 15th October 30th November 2014, the 9th edition of Alimenterre Film Festival, the annual meeting that gathers professionals and passionate of food-processing sector. The promoters of the event presented on Tuesday, 7th October to the press the program and the main lines of this international meeting.

Organized by OADEL (Organization for Support to Democracy and Local Development) with the support of its French partners, the 9th edition of Alimenterre Film Festivaloffers to the Togolese public 18 documentary movies. Only 04 productions will be projected in Lomé on 7th, 12th 14th and 15th November. The rest of the movies will edify the populations from inside the country particularly those of the maritime region villages.

Except movies projection, it is also planned on 5th November an Alimenterre market which will promote local productions. Exhibitions & sales and tasting sessions are also announced.

According to the organizers, professors, agronomists, NGOS representatives, rural organizations leaders and others will present their testimonies and analyses. « What food do we want and how is it produced? How producers can live on their productions with dignity? », here are so many questions on which discussions will be based during the next edition of Alimenterre Film Festival.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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