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Water and sanitization in Senegal: we owe much to the ADB!

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The African Development Bank (ADB) was a short in the arm for Water and Sanitization Sectorial Program (PSEA) in Senegal.

Nineteen (19) billion FCFA of which 4 billion in the form of subsidy; this is the contribution brought by the institution within the framework of the financing of this project.

During the launching ceremony of this vast program, the Prime Minister, Mahammed Dionne (photo), appreciated the important financial support from ADB in the implementation of PSEA while thanking its representative living in Senegal, Mamadou Lamine Ndongo, for this support.

« For several decades, not less than 900 billion FCFA were injected by ADB in the sectors of the agriculture, infrastructures, energy, small irrigation, and also in the socioeconomic sector« , indicated Mahammed Dionne.

The resident representative of ADB declared to be convinced by the good management of this project by the Senegalese government.

« The financial support from ADB shows the importance we grant to the sector of water and the sanitzation, because, in spite of the progress achieved, there are still constraints to be satisfied in this sector« , he added.

Qualifying PSEA as relevant answer to these constraints, Mr. Dionne appreciated the commitment of ADB, inviting the Minister of Economy, Finances and Planning, Tinder Ba, and the Minister of Hydraulics and sanitization, Mansour Faye, present at this ceremony, to follow this project with a particular attention.

« ADB is a strategic partner for Senegal. It was the first partner to agree to support our Emerging Senegal program (PSE). This financial institution has made the pride of our continent« , he concluded.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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