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14th Agoa: Gabon is at work for successful organization

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Gabon will host from 24th to 27th August 2015, the 14th edition of the African growth opportunity act (Agoa) international forum. The meeting that will give the opportunity to the African economic operators to sell their products on the American market, is placed under the theme: « Agoa 15 years: sustainability of the business and investment partnership between the United States and Africa ».

The Gabonese authorities are working twice as hard to make successful the organization of the 14th Agoa. For Gabonese Minister of Trade, Gabriel Tchango, « the organization of this 14th edition in Gabon is a windfall for the Gabonese and the African economic operators eager to export their products to the market of the United States« .

On her side, the account manager of the US embassy in Gabon, Katherine Brucker, invites the African economic operators to seize the opportunity to realize better business with United States of America.

In May 2000, the American congress passed the law known under the name of the « African Growth and Opportunity Act » (AGOA). It aims at supporting the economy of the African countries by facilitating their access to the American market if they observe the principles of the free market economy.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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