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Gabon: end of the break time for unruly policemen

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The Brigadier general, Jean Clotaire Thierry Oyé Zu, recently appointed at the head of the Gabonese national police forces, intends to clean the house. The General announced on 15th May a series of measures that aims at giving responsibilities to policemen and to remake the image of this department.

In order to reduce corruption and other unprofessional conducts for which the Gabonese policemen are often blamed, cameras will henceforth be installed in the cars for inspection. The policemen will thus carry numbers in the chest. A toll-free number will also be provided to the population.

« The report is clear. Policemen do not always show a good image by their neglected dressing due to their drunkenness on public roads, on duty or in bars dressed in their uniforms« , raised the manager of the Gabonese police.

According to the Gabon Review site, absence of courtesy characterized by systematic familiarity with the public is questioned; loss of the users’ papers, taxi men especially; traffic jams further to bad parking of cars questioned; targeted control of commercial vehicles with collection of fine on the spot; unfair fines; lack of caps or kepis and identity numbers by the agents, are among others troubles noticed in the Gabonese police.


Original text by:Roger ADZAFO

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