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Gabon: Death of Gabonese political opponent, André Mba Obame

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The Gabonese political opponent, André Mba Obame, died on Sunday, 12th April 2015 in Yaoundé (Cameroon). He was 57 years old. Main political opponent for President Ali Bongo, Obame was ranked second at the end of the presidential election of 2009 of which he continued claiming the victory. Brilliant politician, André Mba Obame was a founding member of the political party, « Union Nationale« .

What caused the death of Mba Obame varies according to the sources. Already suffring from a « paralysing sciatica« , he had made since 2013 the tour of the African countries for treatment. Breaking news according to the Gabonese local press, the opponent would have suffered « from a muscle mass loss due to poisoning« .

André Mba Obame is the author of these sentences: « I can neither choose how nor when to die. But I can decide of how and why I live. The conservation of the Republic, the restoration of democracy and the significant improvement of the political, economic, social and cultural condition of every Gabonese are the principles and the purposes for which I definitely chose to dedicate my life. »

This bad news is a consternation that hit the national opinion.

« What a pity!!! The real president of Gabon died abroad while foreigners prosper in Gabon… », « So many hopes lost! This man embodied an ideal: the new hope. Thank you, AMO for your courage!!!!! »

For the time being, the president of the Republic, Ali Bongo, did not express himself on the death of his political opponent.


Original text by:Roger ADZAFO

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