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Photo: Gabonreview

3rd Ombya Fashion: for the promotion of the local talents

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Photo: Gabonreview
Photo: Gabonreview

The third edition of Ombya Fashion Gabon revealed the creations of several local fashion designers among which those by the young designer who esteems trying to reconcile the past, the present and the future.

The evening was rich in colors on 7th February of this year in Libreville. The third edition of Ombya Fashion Gabon, organized under the theme « Gabonese Fashion design« , gathered designes from here and there among whom Yezdad Mildas, main attraction of the evening and promoter of the event. The fashion show was launched by Alban Design and her collection « First lady« . After this aesthetically rich show, the designer, Jacques Simon, also competed in class with his collection « Les foulardises« .

Later, with a more glamorous tendency, Annélia Théodose dazzled the public with her collection « Sweet Secret« . This remarkable show prepared the field for the great final with the collection « Heritage 3 » by Yezdad Mildas, arousing shouts and emotion in the room. « (My collection) is designed for three generations with the past, the present and the future. You can belong to one of these generations and you feel good in one of the creations of the collection displayed this evening« , explained Yezdad Mildas, apparently determined to raise the Gabonese fashion high.

The « Ombya Fashion Gabon » project has for objective to contribute to the development of designing and fashion in Gabon. And also, to allow the new generation of designers to grasp the subtleties of the job by meeting the elders, proposing a series of artistic expression around fashion and designing, giving a chance to the young designers by allowing them to present their works through a competition rewarded by sponsors.

« I have done my job this evening. I hope to have done my best. It is now the turn of the audience to express its opinion on the gap between what is done and what is expected regarding the Gabonese fashion. But judging by its reaction this evening, I think that there is satisfaction. Never mind, I plan to put a lot and do better for the brilliance of the Gabonese creativity« , concluded Yezdad Mildas.

Discovered during his adolescence, Yezdad Mildas is one of the most promising designers of his generation. Unbridled creation and flamboyant talent, it is in these words that the observers summarized the works making familiar the international class realized by the young man. Today, the talented designer dresses, not only, local artists and international fame, but also personalities from various socio-professional groups.


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