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5th Music Cup of Africa: Moonlove from Togo won the 1st Prize

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Of Togolese origin, the music artist, Moonlove, was crowned the best artist during the finale of the 5th edition of the Music Cup of Africa (CAFRIM).

She is ahead of the Nigerian, Fumi Enilolobè (2nd), and the Beninese, Boniface Ahouansou (3rd).

It was the Hall of arts in Cotonou that sheltered on last 31st August this sub-regional music competition.

The jury included Raphaël Mensah from Cameroon, Paul Migan from Benin and Hervé Djakpa from the Republic of Central Africa.

These artists showed to skills regarding song and music. They were invited to demonstrate their artistic skills through live performances in front of this highly qualified jury.

The jury members moreover took into account criteria such as diction, harmony, timing and dressing.

The principle would like each of them to be inspired by his cultural heritage in order to propose songs and dances.

For Mathieu Vidoffodji, promoter of CAFRIM, the event aims to be the « integration vector, promotion of musics, talents, and endogenous values of the African culture« .

For him, the initiative is highly cultural. It advocates the African unity. Mathieu Vidoffodji’s dream is to see the sustainability of this event for the promotion of the African culture.

Mr. Vidoffodji aspires to make of CAFRIM, the biggest African music competition ever organized in Africa.

And he works twice as hard by introducing new things into the organization of every edition.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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