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7th June in Paris: Tohon and Dibango on the same stage

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The artist Beninese musician, Stan Tohon will present on the coming 7th June at the Casino Planetarium in the city of Pougues-les-Eaux, France within the framework of the 4th edition of the festival « Caravane d’Afrique« .

The King of « Tchink system » will share the stage with the famous Cameroonian singer saxophonist, icon of the African music, Manu Dibango.

The musician made this announcement on Monday during a press conference that he gave at Obama Beach of Cotonou a few hours before his departure for France.

We should underline that Stan Tohon has been staying in Europe since Tuesday. He will fly to Germany for the tour itself.

For the latter, the concert of the next 7th June will be a historic moment to put African music treasure in the spotlight through the saxophone of Manu Dibango and the drums of Stan Tohon.

According to the explanations of Tohon, there will be on stage, complicity and communication between these idol instruments of these two icons of African music. Furthermore, it will not be a matter for each of them of interpreting their personal songs but each of them will rather interpret the songs of the other.

« I shall interpret the songs of Manu Dibango and Manu Dibango will interpret my songs », announced Stan Tohon who already promised a very beautiful music festival of Africa.

As reminder, this is an experience that both icons have already made two years ago during a show at the city hall of Arcueil-Cachan, near Paris.

In France, Tohon will also realize his recording project of a song on the cybercrime which, according to him, is growing in Benin, also because of strikes in educational sector.

Managed by the Togolese singer living in France, Amtha Kol, the festival « Caravane d’Afrique » joins this logic to show density, treasure and beauty of music in the colors of Africa.

Every year, African artist singers of international fame take part in the event.

Besides the concert that the latters will give, the festival will also be marked this year by an internship of dance in the African rhythms, a Round Table on the theme « Africa, a parent culture meeting its derived musics: breaking of the umbilical cord or the praise of the diversity? » and other exchange meetings between artists.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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