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LotreCinéma: in search of the best TV series in Cameroon

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The very first edition of the LotreCinéma called the International TV series Festival will be held from 14th to 19th April of this year in Cameroon.

Created by the Culture Show Association (ACS), the festival aims at promoting the African series.

Among others, it would specifically be a matter of putting forward TV series, especially Africans and of valuing them, inciting directors and African designers to work on quality, favoring and facilitating activities of promotion, production and series broadcasting, creating pilot market of series in Africa.

It is thus a project that will put in competition Cameroonian, international, new, recent television series or will put their broadcasting in preview.

At the end of the competition, the jury will select the best of the series, not from Cameroon only but from the whole world.

Opportunity will be given to the creators of the series to reveal the behind of the scene of their production.

The festival is constituted of an official competitive section and a competitive section of the series for young audience. About forty programs will be projected there over five days.

Various special sections are planned as an out of competition section, school sessions (primary, secondary schools), and professional meetings with the public and film workshops.

The competitive selection contains: series, Mini-series, Sitcoms, musical Creation.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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