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8th Daoulaba Festival: Save the Malian cotton

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The Malian cotton was celebrated from 15th to 18th January 2015 during the 8th edition of the Daoulaba Festival placed under the theme « The role of the cultivations in the reconstruction« . The meeting of the African fashion designers and the cotton producers was the opportunity for the promoter, Awa Meité, to evoke the crisis that the Malian cotton sector is experiencing.

She called on the governmental authorities to take action in order to save the sector and improve the living conditions of the producers and the creators (main transformer of cotton).

For Awa Meité, the Daoulaba Festival serves as link since its creation between the producers and the transformers of cotton. The objective of the event is to impose on the international market clothing « Made in Mali« .

Fashion shows, weaving workshops and concerts filled the 8th edition of the Daoulaba Festival. The Malian artists seized the opportunity to bring out a song in order to make sensitive the population on the Ebola virus disease. The famous photographer, Malick Sidibé, was also honored during event. A preview of the photos exhibition by the artist took place in the National Museum.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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