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Akueson Gérard: Boss of the 1st African record company of France

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In Togo, the name Akueson Gérard does not mean much to the new generation. But nevertheless, the man has been enjoying a reputation that follows him in showbiz circles in France since the 1970s. Drummer converted into producer and Manager, the Togolese, Akueson Gérard is the first African to create a record company in France. His « Disques Akoe » label that was established in 1962 produced several stars of the continent as the Togolese star, Bella Bellow or the Beninese, GG Vikey.

Tuesday, 14th October should have officially announced festivities marking Akueson Gérard’s 60 years celebration. At the time when reporters were installing their cameras for the media coverage of the press conference, a bad news spoiled the event. « Gérard Akueson was victim of a sudden attack and immediately transported to a clinic », indicated the former Minister, Freitas apparently affected by the piece of news like the presenter, Edwige N’zonou.

« You know that he is old and he did not maybe bear all the pressure« , the Togolese former Minister tried to explain before indicating that the press conference is postponed at a later date.

According to indiscretions, several events were planned on 7th, 8th and 9th November 2014 in order to honor the work of the Togolese. Amtha Kol, promoter of Caravan of Africa also announced on her YouTube channel her participation in the festivities. « Every year, Gérard Akueson travels to take part in the Caravan of Africa; it is the opportunity for me too to return the favor to him« , she indicated.

As reminder, the structure of Akueson Gérard changed name for the first time in 1982 to become Bade Stars Music then the second time in 1994 (Akueson Worldwide). In 2011 Akueson Gérard assigned the management of his business to his son, a crazy about ICTS who made the commitment to continue the work of his father.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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