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Boxing: Taylor Mabika, world champion

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boxe-gabon-1The Gabonese boxer, Taylor Mabika, has just registered his country on the list of the great African nations of boxing. Last Saturday, he beat the American, Tyler Seever and henceforth holds the world championship professional belt for the category heavy-light IBU version. Taylor Mabika becomes the first Gabonese world champion in this IBU version.

His opponent, Seever did not know much about the Gabonese. Before the competition he indicated that this handicap will not prevent him from taking winning the title.

« I am happy to be in Libreville. I feel good and I serenely prepared the fight of this Saturday. I did not know much about my opponent, nor his physical shape, but it will not prevent me from conquering this title », he declared.

Taylor Mabika’s victory is appreciated at the highest echelons of the State. The Gabonese president, Ali Bongo, sent a congratulation message to his fellow countryman whom he qualifies as model for the youth.

« After a match thoroughly dominated, Taylor Mabika won the IBU heavy-light belt by beating the American, Tyler Seever, by technical knock-out in the third round!

I send my deep congratulations to our champion who gives a very nice signal to the Gabonese youth: perseverance and hard work always pay », published President Bongo on his Facebook page.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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