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Burkina Faso: Col. Zida appointed Prime Minister

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People of Burkina Faso were not expecting his appointment as head of government of transition. Contrary to all expectations, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida was appointed Prime Minister on Wednesday by the president of transition, Michel Kafando. This appointment seems as an unfinished revolution to certain demonstrators who pushed the former president, Blaise Compaoré to resignation.

Barracks do no more good fit to Lieutenant Colonel Zida. The man who led the procedure having ended in the signature of the transition charter in Burkina Faso developed a taste for the management of public affairs. Decorated after the appointment of President Michel Kafando, Zida was just chosen Prime Minister by the president whom he appointed himself.

« I call on to the entire national and international community (…) to support us to overcome the challenge of a peaceful transition« .

The current president (diplomat and former minister) and his Prime Minister both served under the former president, Blaise Compaoré, what makes certain Burkinabe dissatisfied with the end of their revolution.

« We are worried, but no more than that« , declared Mr. Guy Hervé Kam, spokesman of « Balai citoyen ».

For a diplomat on duty in Ouagadougou questioned by Lepoint, the power is in the hands of Zida: « nobody is going to be mistaken himself; it is (Zida) who is going to rule the country« . « It is not the hangover but there is a little bit of that« , indicated the diplomat.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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