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Burkina Faso: «Marley d’or» to soothe hearts!

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The whole world is commemorating this year the 34th anniversary of the death of the « King of Reggae« , Bob Marley. In this context, the production house « One Way Production » organizes the Marley d’or for the second consecutive time. The second edition will be held from the coming 7th to 11th May in Ouagadougou.

Placed under the theme « Reggae and national union« , this event aims at rewarding the best reggae artists of the year in Burkina Faso through awards.

For the artist musician Madess, promoter of the event, this theme is inspired by the sociopolitical current situation of Burkina Faso.

« We are not going to reinvent the wheel. This theme is a part of the song +Africa unite + by Bob Marley and we have adapted it to the context of the country to soothe hearts« , he supported.

For this edition, three categories are planned for the awards. They are the Marley of the best show, the Marley of the public and the golden Marley.

They underlined that this year, the cultural event will be held in the form a festival that will begin on 7th May with the Marley village to come to an end on 11th May, the remembrance day of Bob Marley’s death.

The organizers announced that apart from the national artists such as Djah Veruthy, Onasis, and Martin N’terry, foreign artists are also expected to enhance the event. We have among others, Abu Sadic from Ghana, Koko Dembélé, a Malian living in Brazil, the Ivorian Fadal Dey and Ahmed Faras.

As a reminder, the reggae man, Martin N’Terry alone won the « golden Marley » and the Marley of the « best show » during the previous edition.

Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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