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A Lamp for Africa: A project to relieve pupils in Burkina Faso

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With the success of the first two phases, the phase III of the « A lamp for Africa » project was launched last Thursday at the public primary school of the village of Guesna in the municipality of Boussé, province of Kourwéogo (region of the central plateau).

It covers January 2015 to December 2016 and thus aims at allowing a large coverage of the territory.

The project has for main objective to supply sun lamps to the primary and post-primary schools in order to promote quality education by improving the learning conditions of the children in rural areas.

It arises from the cooperation between the Republic of China-Taiwan and Burkina; this, in their effort of improvement of the living conditions of populations.

According to the persons in charge and the beneficiaries of the project in its four years of implementation, the results are encouraging.

The first phase which covered the period 2011-2012 was subsidized by the Republic of China-Taiwan at the level of 655 957 000 FCFA.

Later, 15 403 profitable pupils were registered in 63 villages. A second phase was then launched from 2013 to 2014 with a support of 1 967 871 000 FCFA.

The impact of these two phases galvanized both parties, Burkinabe and Taiwanese to maintain the effort. China-Taiwan increases the financial envelope through the phase III of the project.

It is spread out from January 2015 till December 2016 and will concern all the regions of Burkina, according to the coordinator of the project, Sanata Sawadogo.

More than 5 247 000 000 FCFA will be invested by the Republic of China-Taiwan by 31st December 2016 for the improvement of the quality education in Burkina.

For the representative of the beneficiaries, Oumou Tall (school girl), with her sun lamps, no more storm lantern with their smoke and all their consequences on the health.

« The school girl explained that with the arrival of sun lamps in the school in 2014, school results prove it« , she supported.

From 24 % of success rates at the CEP (Basic School-Leaving Qualification), the results have improved to more than 94 % since the arrival of this technology. She also declared that apart from the studies, the sun lamps also serve to « light up the houses of dad or mom« .

Oumou Tall however pleaded for all the schoolchildren of Burkina who have no access to electricity.

Through the voice of the Ambassador of the Republic of China-Taiwan, Bruno Shen, China-Taiwan reaffirms its commitment towards the populations.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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