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Reggae City Festival: Ouagadougou pays tribute to Bob Marley

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Twenty (20) artists, 20 live shows, 3 big conferences, 10 projections of movies, stands, bars restaurants and VIP spaces, are the poster of the very first edition of the « Reggae city festival« , a meeting taking place from 9th to 11th May 2015 in the Burkinabe capital.

The festival which will take 3 days, will take place at the Jean Pierre Guingané Youth and Culture Palace in Ouagadougou.

According to Sam K Lejah, radio presenter and singer and promoter of the event, the idea is to make of this cultural event carrier of cohesion, peace, work and promotion of the culture.

« A programming will allow the reggae music to compete with the other fashionable musics in Burkina Faso« , underlined the latter.

He added: « it is our contribution for the reggae to occupy a special place because we know in this country that they are fewer to like reggae« .

African reggae musicians as Wango Roger, Bass Mandelson, Kajeem, Sanaa Bob, Hamed Faras, Queen Adjoba to mention the few are expected in this festival.

This festival 100 % reggae free of charge that coincides with the 34th celebration of Bob Marley’s death (founder of reggae), is for Sam’s K Lejah, a way to also pay tribute to all the elders and the pioneers of reggae and offer at the same time a space for the reggae music young generation to express itself.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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